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"An Elite Team Focused on Results."

SGM achieves exceptional results for its clients, using a collaborative approach to develop effective and aggressive solutions to the most complex legal challenges.

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"Calm in the Midst of Chaos."

Litigation is often chaotic.

With our extensive trial experience and exceptional client services, our clients can rest assured knowing that their lawyers have a talent for calm decision-making and the ability to steadily lead them to successful results.

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"Local Expertise. National Reach."

Our comprehensive team handles high stakes trials throughout the United States.

Businesses small and large choose SGM to assist them with any size problem. Our clients know that we have the skills and agility to take on the largest of adversaries — and win.

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"Our Character is Our Currency."

We reject ego-driven tactics, and are driven by the guiding principle of seeking innovative yet efficient strategies to achieve our clients’ goals.

Our clients deserve no less.

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Experienced Business Litigation Lawyers in Raleigh and Winston-Salem

Strauch Green & Mistretta, P.C. is a top-rated law firm with offices in Winston-Salem and Raleigh, North Carolina. Our nationally-recognized attorneys have a reputation for their expert legal skills and aggressive litigation, which we apply to represent our clients both in North Carolina and in numerous other states across the country. Our clients value our exceptional trial experience, and we rely upon a team approach, specialized technology and dedicated, extraordinary client service to resolve complex legal issues and achieve our clients’ objectives.

Why Choose Our Law Firm

If you are seeking a law firm for business law representation and counsel or for personal injury, why choose Strauch, Green, & Mistretta, P.C.?


We have a well-earned reputation as aggressive litigators in Raleigh and Winston-Salem and even nationally. Our competitors know we won’t back down from a fight when our client’s future or finances are at stake.


Our partners have decades of legal experience in business law, litigation, and personal injury law. We use our experience to maneuver obstacles that cause cases to drag out while crafting winning strategies that lead to the best possible outcome.


We are driven by our dedication to excellence and take pride in never doing anything by half-measures. No matter if we’re drafting a simple contract for a small business owner or defending a corporation from a class action lawsuit in federal court, we dedicate ourselves 100 percent to doing our best work for every client.

Personalized Attention

We offer the same benefits as corporate law firms – aggressive tactics, years of experience, national network – but that’s not all we bring to the table. By keeping a boutique law firm, our team of attorneys can provide personalized attention to every client so we are guaranteed to address your individual needs and create a customized legal strategy based on your unique case.

A Broad Spectrum of Practice Areas

Our team of attorneys have expertise in nearly every facet of business law and personal injury law. Because we offer so many practice areas we can easily see to all your legal needs whether you have a case going to trial and need an attorney who excels in litigation, need consistent counsel, or have numerous legal issues happening at once.

Contact Our Raleigh and Winston-Salem Litigation Team

If you need representation in any matter related to business law or personal injury law, contact Strauch, Green, & Mistretta, P.C. at 919-278-7453 to schedule a consultation.


Practice Areas

Aviation Lawyers In Raleigh & Winston-Salem

When you need a trusted aviation lawyer to represent or defend your airline, Strauch Green & Mistretta, P.C. offer the experience you need. Our attorneys have a reputation for excellence in providing effective and successful aviation defense both in North Carolina and nationwide. Expert Aviation Defense Aviation litigation is a complex field that requires specific knowledge and...

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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Raleigh and Winston Salem When you have a dispute or legal issue related to your business, you need experienced attorneys in Raleigh and Winston-Salem who can navigate the complexities of commercial litigation efficiently and confidently. Our team of attorneys provide expert representation in both civil and criminal matters of business law as...

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Raleigh & Winston Salem Business Law Attorneys

You have worked hard to build your business, and the experienced attorneys at Strauch Green & Mistretta, PC in Raleigh and Winston-Salem are here to help you protect it. We offer expert counsel in all aspects of matters related to business law, whether that means helping you set up a business entity, negotiate a deal, or...

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Employment Law and Litigation in Raleigh and Winston-Salem

Our Raleigh and Winston-Salem attorneys counsel and advise our clients on employment law compliance issues and assist them with preparing employment handbooks and policies.  In addition to ensuring legal compliance, we are also experienced litigators who routinely appear in state and federal courts as well as administrative agencies (such as the EEOC) in disputes involving...

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Environmental Litigation and Compliance Law Firm In Raleigh

At Strauch, Green, and Mistretta, P.C. we routinely handle cases regarding environmental law in Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and throughout North Carolina. From common law cases including nuisance and trespass cases to the more comprehensive cases regulating surface and ground water, we provide the counsel you need to achieve your best possible outcome. Understanding Environmental Law Environmental...

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Civil And Business Mediation Services In Raleigh

Strauch Green & Mistretta, PC (SGM) now offers mediation services in addition to our business law counsel and representation in Raleigh, Winston-Salem, and the surrounding areas. Mediation is a dispute resolution process that takes place out of the courtroom, in a neutral location. The role of a mediator is to facilitate discussion so that the...

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Raleigh and Winston-Salem

If you have been injured in an accident through no fault of your own, we are here to help you get the compensation you deserve. Our personal injury attorneys are experienced in civil litigation and passionate about holding responsible parties accountable for the injuries affecting innocent parties. We are proud of our reputation throughout Raleigh,...

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Product Liability Litigators

If your company is facing a product liability lawsuit, and you need aggressive litigation to defend your company, the expert team at Strauch, Green, and Mistretta is here for you. Our attorneys in Winston-Salem and Raleigh have extensive experience defending defective product cases, including those with claims based upon breach of warranty, negligence, and wrongful...

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